IVF Calendar

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Please note: Each case is different, but we hope to will give you an idea about the timeline of the program.

Starting IVF Treatment

Week 1
Day 1 on menstrual cycleDay 2 on menstrual cycleDay 3 on menstrual cycleDay 4 on menstrual cycleDay 5 on menstrual cycleDay 6 on menstrual cycleDay 7 on menstrual cycle
Call office to set up IVF consult with nurseStart oral contracep-
tives (OCP)
Week 2
Be on the pill anywhere from 10 days to 5 wks depending on patient's schedule.
Week 3
You will be told when to stop pills at IVF Consult

IVF Consult anywhere from week 2 to week 4.
Injection class scheduled.
Week 1 of Injections
OCPOCPBlood test, ultrasound & start FSHFSH
Week 2 of Injections
FSHFSHFSH FSH Blood test, ultrasoundFSH FSH Blood test, ultrasoundFSH
Week 3 of Injections
FSH Blood test, ultrasoundHcg InjectionsNo injections TVA
Start Proges-
Day 2-5 Transfer then bedrest 72 hours of bedrest after transfer
Week 4 and after
Pregnancy test 2 weeks after transfer
OB Ultrasound 2 weeks after pregnancy test
Stop all medication at 5 or 8 weeks (we will instruct you).

Note: The calendar shown above is an example of how an IVF cycle may evolve. It is possible that the ovarian stimulation process is shorter or longer than above depending on your response. A Day3 or Day5 (blastocyst) transfer will be based on the embryo development. A pregnancy test is performed 9-11 days past transfer.

Key to the IVF Timeline Calendar
Blood and ultrasound - blood test for hormone levels and transvaginal ultrasound to measure follicle development in ovaries.

FSH - subcutaneous injection of a medication containing follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), and lutenizing hormone (LH), which causes growth and egg development in women. Plan 10-14 days of FSH/LH injections.

Ovidrel/HCG injection - subcutaneous injection of a medication called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, final maturation of oocytes (eggs) prior to retrieval.

Progesterone - intramuscular injection of progesterone oil or oral and vaginal route to help to prepare a receptive uterine lining for embryo implantation. Supports a pregnancy.

Antagonist (Ganirelex Acetate or Cetrotide) - prevents ovulation and is started 5-8 days after FSH start.